Client Onboarding Questionnaire

Please complete the form below to give me an idea about your riding ability, fitness to train etc

Please highlight any licenses you currently hold
Please be as detailed as you want
Do you have an idea of your recent FTP
Your Heart Rate at Thrreshold (when riding at your FTP – it should hold steady at this power
The maximum HR you have seen for a few seconds (i.e. not a spike)
Please describe the time available midweek and weekends that you can realistically dedicate to training.
It is important to let me know if there is anything that may affect your health and ability to train
If you answer yest to any of these questions, please elaborate in “Anything else you want to tell me” section
You can use this for additional info
I will keep the personal information you provide on computer record for the purposes of analysing your training status. I will not share your information with any 3rd parties.